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Self Service Password Reset: AD Self Service

The most irritating daily tasks that user account administrators or help desk personnel perform each day is keeping the end user’s information updated in the Active Directory. Now, the time involved in making just a few changes can also be a very long and complex process. At same time, keeping Active Directory information correct and up to date is also highly important.

To maintain the accuracy and further improve the quality of the information stored in Active Directory, users must be provided with a feasible option to update their personal information by themselves. Today, this can be successfully achieved with the help of the web-based self-service interface provided by Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) tool.

This Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is one such proficient and effective Ad self service tool that provides every end user with an option to perform operations like self-information update, self-account unlock and self-password reset in real-time.

Also, the software enables the employee to rearrange forgotten passwords with the help of co-workers. In any situation, where an employee forgets his password, he can just make request to his trusted co-worker to reset the password. Though, it’s important that an employee must have authorized the user or co-worker for performing password reset operation.

Moreover, the utility has got some of the most essential features that can be very beneficial for IT administrator like:

  • Automatic Password Reset- Using this programm, it gets much easier for IT administrator to configure the settings, so that he can perform automatic resetting of password of all users' accounts in domain. All that an IT administrator requires is schedule any specific timing for automatic password reset operation. Conducting such operation can further help in maintaining the intricacy of security, which is very helpful to organizations
  • Enforce Stronger Password Policies – These days, where every next organization is act in accordance with strict Password and Account Lockout policies, the software facilitates administrator with much needed flexibility to deploy more complex password policies. Every user in the active directory domain has easy access to view this password policy, and therefore can reset or change their own passwords only after meeting complexity requirements. In one way, the utility helps in maintaining the high security standards
  • Report Generation and Email Notification- This ad self service tool provides the complete list of end users who have reset their password or unlocked their locked out accounts. Therefore, using this tool it gets much easier for administrator to have updated information on all the operations performed by different end users. IT administrator may very well send email notification to all or selected users in a domain about password expiration date or their account status. Besides this, depending upon the information provided about the users whose account has been locked, the administrator can further take the necessary steps like lock or unlock the locked out account