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Self Service Password Reset: Active Directory Password Reset

Stop relying on help desk for active directory password reset

In general, a major chunk of IT help desk calls are based on resetting of user account password. In one way the end user is dependent on IT personnel to rectify even a minor issue like resetting of password or unlocking of account. Fortunately, today with introduction of Active Directory Password Reset software the story is completely different. An option available in the form of Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) software that can help the end users reset their password instantly and in an effortless manner. It is the most secured and web-based active directory password reset program that can assist end users to self reset their password.

The utility has some of the most essential features that make it too handy for both end users and administrators like:

  • Self Service Operation: For end users, this active directory password reset tool provides the facility to reset passwords and recover accounts on their own
  • Reset passwords from anywhere: It permits user to easily access the account from anywhere using the web-based interface. Users can reset passwords right through a web application from any computer
  • 24/7 Availability: Unlike most help desks, end user can successfully have easy access 24 hours a day. Users don’t have to wait for the helpdesk to reset the account password
  • Improved Employee Productivity: Very handy in improving the employee productivity as it considerably reduces the significant amount of time for every employee who generally wastes time in raising a password reset ticket
  • Safe and Secure Interface: Administrator can post different predefined and pre-answered questions that in turn help in establishing the identity of the end-users
  • Password Policy Enforcement: Helps the administrator to take full control over password policy for active directory administration
  • Fulfils Compliance: As each action of this active directory password reset tool is recorded in an audit log, it is very easy to generate the standard management reports