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What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft windows based computers and servers in order to store data and information about computers, users and other resources present within the network and domain. Active Directory is very crucial for organization for many different reasons. It provides administrators with the much needed functionality that is essential to centrally configure and administer systems, user accounts and application settings. In fact, it enables network administrators and IT security professionals to set-up security levels for enterprise network.

Why resetting password of domain users is such a daunting task for IT Administrators?

Unfortunately, Network Administrator who manages Active Directory accounts on a network gets into hectic situations where too many tickets are raised from users to reset the user account passwords and unlock accounts. Adding to this, there are circumstances when administrator needs to reset the forgotten passwords or passwords that got expired in Active Directory Microsoft Management.

It is estimated that at least 30 to 35 percent of the calls made to IT Help Desk department on a daily basis are primarily associated to the resetting of password and unlocking accounts. And, on an average network administrator generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete a request , which is definitely a costly affair as the users productivity and administrator's time is wasted.

How IT Administrators can reduce all those unwanted Password Reset Calls?

The proper usage of Self Service Password Reset utility facilitates end user to reset his or her own password effectively. The end users just have to answer predefined questions in order to reset the password (also, there is option for multifactor authentication in which user has to enter an OTP). End user doesn’t have to wait for the helpdesk to reset the password. The end user can reset his or her passwords at any time (24/7). Besides this, with self service password reset active directory system, administrators can gain total control over the password management process. He has the complete authority to define the password security levels, which can be configured, from weak to strong. Also, for security reasons, the administrator can set some predefined questions and mark them as mandatory for the users to answer for their verification.

Why to use Self Service Password Reset Active Directory Tool?

  • Saves time and money -
    Deploying Self Service Password Reset Active Directory Tool can successfully enhance the efficiency of IT administrator because now end users can modify their own passwords directly
  • Better security -
    The password reset self service tool allows administrator to post different pre-defined and pre-answered questions. The pre-defined questions can be modified by the admin or set to be mandatory for the users to answer for their verification. Furthermore, user-defined questions can also be set for verification purpose. This way, he is able to establish the identity of the end-user, which ultimately helps in reducing the risk associated with the fraudulent requests for password resetting. Alternately or in addition, administrators can mandate an OTP authentication for this purpose.
  • Login possible anywhere -
    With this self service password reset software, it’s very much possible to reset passwords from any computer unit. In fact, it provides a solution that enables any domain user to reset their password from a web-based console. The administration can easily set a default policy for the entire domain for this purpose
  • Bulk enrolment of users -
    Using a CSV file, administrators can enroll multiple users at a time. One need not worry about the format of the CSV file, as a CSV file having the proper format is available with the software. Administrator just need to fill the details.

Which is the most effective option that one can opt to reset the password?

Today there are many password reset tools available over the Internet, so making a selection of the right software is very essential. Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is one such effective self-service password reset tool that facilitates end user to reset his own password without any difficulty. This software lets users reset their account passwords and change their passwords on next logon attempt. Through applied default policy in the domain, users can manage their passwords and profile information from anywhere in the network. Administrators can ensure security by mandating Question & Answers and/or multi-factor authentication (OTP) for the authentication of users before allowing them use LADSS facilities. LADSS also lets active directory users to retain their old settings by selecting the option of old database during software installation.

Try Trial Version @ Free of Cost

The free trial version of Self Service Active Directory software has got all the features present in the complete version. The trial version too is fully featured and works very similar to the full version. Though, only limitation with the free trial version is only 50 licensed end users can perform self service password reset operation or self unlock the account. In case, you are looking to use it for more than 50 users in your organization, then it’s important to purchase the full version of the password reset Active Directory tool.

MVP Reviews
  • Helps in decreasing the help-desk calls.
  • Automates enrolment of users easily and instantly.
  • Facilitates user to reset their own passwords or unlock their locked accounts.
  • Ensures safe and secure authentication through Question & Answers, and/or OTP (as configured by admin).
  • Supports end user directly to get logon from any other system and perform resetting of password easily.
  • Provides the complete report highlighting all the registered users and their activity.
  • Empowers administrator to arrange password reset and account unlock policies.
  • Supports bulk enrolment of users with the help of a pre-formatted CSV file